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South Korean Business Purchase IP Rights to 360 Freedom Farrower

South Korean Business Purchase IP Rights to 360 Freedom Farrower

Added at 15:04 on 10 January 2023


Livestock equipment company, WinDouble Co.,

based in Seoul, South Korea, has purchased the

global patent, design and trademark rights to the 360°

Freedom Farrower® from the Leavesley Group.

The decision to close down their pig farming operations, along with

the subsequent streamlining of their agricultural business, has led the

Leavesley family to reluctantly consider the novel farrowing system to be

no longer relevant to their core business activities.

The deal, which has been brokered by Leavesley Group agent Mr

Andrew Atkin of Free Farrow Ltd, brings to an end a long relationship

with a product conceived and developed on the Leavesley Group farms

over the last decade.

Commenting on the sale, Mr Atkin said: “The 360° Freedom Farrower®

arrived a little ahead of its time, but we have always believed in this

unique product and its potential for replacing the traditional farrowing

crate. Having established a foothold across many countries, the time

is now right for a focused business to take this product forward into a

developing market”.

Windouble Co., will not only seek to capitalise on changes to welfare

requirements in Western countries, but also sees opportunities to market

the farrowing system throughout SE Asia, along with the complete range

of pig farming equipment.

Windouble Co. CEO, Mr Hee Kwon Yoon and investment partner Mr

Hayong Choi, said: “We are very pleased to have secured this excellent

product and we aim to provide the most cost eff ective solution to farmers

looking to replace their farrowing crates”.

Mr Atkin will continue working with the new company in an advisory

and agency role. To this end, the decision was made to exhibit at the

forthcoming UK Pig & Poultry Fair under the “Free Farrow” label.

Refl ecting on this decision, Mr Atkin said: “We are acutely aware that free

farrowing systems are not at the top of farmers priority lists at the present

time, but we feel that it is important to let producers know that we are still

here as a space effi cient alternative to the farrowing crate and we are

looking forward to discussing the options with those producers who are

planning for the future”.