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Free Farrow Ltd

Free Farrow Ltd

Manure & Waste Management

The effective management of manure and slurry waste has never been more critical to intensive livestock operations. Strict regulations on the storage and application of manures provide for severe penalties in the event of non compliance.

Additionally, the nutrients in manures and livestock excreta are a valuable resource which are easily lost and degraded in traditional storage and application systems. Manures and slurry are also very bulky and costly to transport and apply.

Spiro-Com High Efficiency Waste Conversion
  • Spiro-Com is an aerobic composting system that will convert waste manures or sludge into quality compost in a period of about 30 days.
  • The system can be designed for any quantity of manure (30/50/70/100 ton a day).
  • The system operates in a closed building. All air and gases will exit through a bio-filter which will deal with odour and ammonia release.


  • At the heart of the system are automatically operated spirals which move and agitate the litter.
  • The patented spiral system adds air to the manure or sludge to generate the compost process
  • Additionally, a separate system pushes air into the manure through channels in the floor.
  • The spirals gradually move the composting material along the silo, or chamber 
  • Approximately 10% of the material is added as cellulose/fibre to stabilise and assist the composting process 
  • The compost that is received at the end is valuable for agriculture. It can be stored, bagged and transported or applied directly to fields. 
  • The compost is stable, approx 60% dry matter, is sterile and has no odour
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Tested and licensed to agricultural use in Israel and S.Korea
In Conclusion
  • Fully automatic
  • Versatile -works successfully with all forms of organic waste
  • Large quantity - 30/50/70/100 ton a day
  • No smell
  • Re-circulation of wastewater
  • Low energy use


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